Lovette-Cunningham Incident 1956

by Dark Lord

USAF Sergeant Jonathan P. Lovett and Major William Cunningham worked together at the White Sands missile base in New Mexico. On this day in March 1956 they were searching the debris field after a recent rocket test. The two men were working in different areas when Cunningham heard screams from over the rise. Assuming Sgt. Lovett had been bitten by a snake he crossed over the top of a dune and witnessed something incredible. A large reptilian looking creature had the soldier in its grasp and was dragging him towards a hovering silver disc 20 feet away. The major watched in stunned silence unable to believe what he was witnessing. Young Sgt. Lovett was pulled into the craft which then rose vertically into the sky. The major immediately radioed for assistance. As security teams investigated, the understandably upset Cunningham was confined to the base hospital after retelling what he had witnessed. Search parties were dispatched and it was assumed by base security that the major had murdered the young sergeant and buried him in the sand. Three days later poor Sgt. Lovett’s body was found. His mutilation was similar to what is seen with cattle, his tongue was removed along with the lower portion of his jaw. His eyes and anus were also removed with surgical precision as was reported on by the medical examiner. Lastly as is common with most cattle mutilations all the blood was missing and there was none at the scene. This has been considered to be the missing Grudge Report number 13 and although we do not have evidence of that, it is interesting to note that when the event took place nearby radar operators confirmed seeing an unknown craft in that vicinity.

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