Lubbock Lights 1951

by Dark Lord

On August 25, 1951 was a lovely evening in Lubbock Texas. On that evening three professors from Texas Tech University were enjoying an evening outside when they saw ½ circle of lights above them flying at high speed. Over the following days the area received dozens of reports of UFOs. A freshman at the University named Carl Hart Jr. even snapped some photos of what was then dubbed the Lubbock lights. The images became national news and the photographer an instant celebrity. Interestingly enough Project Blue Book, which was headed by the Air Force at that time concluded that the lights were actually birds that were reflecting light from new street lamps. Witnesses disagreed with the explanation as the objects were too far away to reflect that amount of light and they flew much too fast to be birds. Just another case of the government propping up ridiculous theories for events they cannot explain.

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