Malmstrom AFB Warhead Shutdown UFO

by Dark Lord

Young Robert Salas was a missile officer stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base outside of Great Falls Montana, on March 24, 1967. On that day Mr. Salas would step into history. Control of missile silos is a subterranean location, and in the event of war, they place the people who have the triggers underground for safety. Mr. Salas was belowground when he received a call from the surface by a guard barely able to speak. The man was excited yet terrified but his message was clear, there was a large red orb over the main gates to the base. According to reports the orb actually moved about the facility and at one point while Mr. Salas was still underground, the missiles began shutting down one after another until they were all disabled. Stunned, the officer was not immediately sure what to do, as each silo has its own individual power supply and electronics as a failsafe. So it was not as if one switch could be flipped to shut them all down, however, they had been shut down nonetheless and after the red orb left the missiles came back online. This is not the only reported event of UFO activity near nuclear facilities, whether it be military or industrial. This is a fascinating story, so enjoy the video.

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