Mellen Wisconsin UFO

by Dark Lord

Jane Baker was only 15 years old when he UFO landed on the road in front of their house. At the time she had a cat in each hand headed toward the garage to put them away for the evening. As the young lady stepped around the house she was surprised to see a bright silvery disc shaped object with a dome on top plopped down in the middle-of-the-road. She also recalled hearing a strange noise and that the middle of the craft was blinking red and green alternately. She quickly tossed the cats into the garage and ran screaming to the house for her father who bounded onto the porch after hearing her panicky voice. The father being part inquisitive and part unbelieving decided to take a closer look for himself for being reeled in by his wife using some good common sense. The man returned to the house and the family watched from different areas as the craft lay glowing in the road. Unsure of how to proceed, it was natural to call the police, however, at the very moment the police answered the phone an explosion was heard outside and when the family returned to view the craft it was gone. The only physical evidence was marks left in the snow however the family knew what they had seen and you’ll get a better look too when you watch these videos. The first is shorter but it is cool because it is narrated by Leonard Nimoy while the second has overlapping content and is slightly longer with more detail. We hope you enjoy!

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