by Dark Lord

1) DOING ROUNDS When I was in medical school we rotated once onto a psychiatric ward to study clinical psychiatry. There was a group of us (students) and an attending clinical professor. We were introduced to a patient one day that suffered from a type of clinical psychosis. The patient said that he wasn’t feeling very good that day. The professor asked the patient, what it was that was bothering him. The patient replied, “My penis is turning into a button.” We all looked at one another, as one does, when confronted with something that seems crazy. The professor then asked the patient to show us what he meant, and to pull down his trousers. So, the patient, while lying in the hospital bed, undid his pants and pulled them (and underwear) all the way down. We all looked in amazement. His penis looked just like a button. An inch or so wide, and only about 3-4 millimetres high. 2 of 9 

2) AN ARGUMENT WITH MY GIRLFRIEND I arrived early one day at my girlfriend’s apartment. She wasn’t there because she hadn’t yet gotten home from work. While I waited… she called me on her cell phone and said that she was walking home, and wondered if I would like to walk towards her to meet her halfway, maybe to go out to dinner or drinks, or something. I said yes, and started to walk in her direction. As I walked, I kind of went into a daydream. I started counting the cracks in the pavement with each stride. Within the interval of two or three paces, I imagined that I had walked past her and had missing her, and that we had walked past one another. I then imagined an argument that ensued that seemed to last about 40 minutes where she became angry at me for not seeing her. In that argument there were many points and counter-points being made by each of us, and I had managed to say all the right things to calm her down and to salvage the evening… so that we could have fun and not argue anymore. And then do you know what happened? We did walk past one another. She went into a rage. And, we had the same argument that I had just previously imagined, and it dragged on for about 40 minutes. I remembered and repeated all those things I had previously said to her in that daydream, and that eventually calmed her down. In other words, I experienced an episode of 40 minutes compressed into one or two seconds, which also predicted the future. 

3) DELAYED CHOICE DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT When you shine light, as a wave front, onto a barrier with two closely approximated slits, the light projected through those slits will hit the back wall (behind those slits) to create a pattern that is striped. The striped pattern is called an interference pattern because it has several stripes (more than two) of alternating light and dark bands that coincide with the wave nature of the light, causing constructive versus destructive interference. This can be illustrated and explained on a piece of paper using simple geometry. Easy peazy. When you send a single photon, not a wave front, through those slits one at a time (let’s say one every second) and you do this for a long time… and record the light hitting the back wall… you will still get the same interference pattern. So, at this point, you will agree that the interference pattern has nothing to do with the wave front geometry that initially 3 of 9 explained the pattern. Somehow the photons are interfering with themselves one at a time. At this point you should start thinking that something isn’t quite right. When you send a single photon, again not a wave front, through those slits one at a time, but now decide to place a sensor to detect which of the slits the photon has passed through… you no longer get an interference pattern. Instead, you get two stripes. One stripe for the left slit, and one stripe for the right strip. So, observation or measurement, has unexpectedly changed the result. Background info: when you take a photon and split it in half, such that there are two new photons, those two photons will be entangled. Entangled particles exhibit the behaviour that if you measure one of the particle’s properties, its entangled partner will have the opposite quality. For instance, if you measure one photon and determine that it has vertical polarization, then its partner will have a horizontal polarization. Now, when you take a photon and split it in half and allow one of the halves to go through a double slit at a close distance, and allow its partner to go through a double slit at a much longer distance away, something very strange happens. When you place a sensor at the very long distance double slit to detect which slit the photon went through, it will show you the expected absence of interference pattern… with only two stripes of light… one left and one right. When you don’t do measurements with the slit sensor the pattern goes back to the expected interference pattern… with many bands of light. Good so far? The photon that travels to the short distance double slit will have already collided with the wall, before its twin reaches the long distance double slit. So, if you measure the long distance photon, by slit detector, even though the event for the short distance photon is already over… the short distance photon will behave according to the decision made to observe-or-not-observe made in its future. Furthermore, if you create a random decision maker to observe-or-notobserve after the short photon’s event is over but before the long photon’s event, you will still get the same result. In other words, a decision made in the future alters the past. Well at least this is how it appears. The other quality about entanglement is that it is instantaneous, as if there was no intervening space between entangled particles. 4 of 9 Conclusion: time and space are not what they appear to be. 

4) SPEED OF LIGHT It is said that the speed of light is a constant from every point of observation, regardless of relative motion. It is also said that light exhibits red-shift and blue-shift depending on how fast light is moving away or toward an observer. Why would light shift in this manner if it remains at constant velocity, one might ask? The explanation, it is said, is that the universe is expanding and/or contracting. In other words, the substrate in which light propagates in, is itself changing. This means that the room you are sitting in is changing size, as well. If you believe in the credibility of the science, then you will come to the same logical conclusions as the scientists. However, what if there was another simpler explanation? 

5) COFFEE BREAK AT WORK I was working once for a cabinet making company, in Toronto, and I was standing chatting with my coworkers during a coffee break. I had just completed a cabinet for a customer’s order and it was sitting on a bench at a distance nearby from where we were standing. As we chatted, in a kind of overlapped memory, I watched one of my coworkers walk over to the cabinet slowly. He picked up a long stick of wood, an off-cut, and began striking the cabinet with it. He walked over back to us casually and continued chatting, and then all of a sudden everyone noticed the damage to the cabinet including the guy I witnessed hitting it. Nobody else witnessed what I saw. I said nothing. 

6) SATURDAY MORNING I woke up once on a Saturday morning and I had the memories of two distinct evenings the night before. In one time-line I hosted a dinner party with several guests and there was lively conversation, and in the other time-line I went out to dinner to a restaurant and it was relatively quiet. My girlfriend at the time remembered both evenings, exactly as I did. However, the memories of the night before began quickly receding just the way the 5 of 9 memory of a dream usually does. Were those memories the same thing as a dream? 

7) GIRLFRIEND AWAKE WITH THE CAT I recently woke up in the middle of the night, and heard running water and my girlfriend talking to our cat. She couldn’t sleep presumably. I lifted the covers of the bed and poked my head out to have a look, to confirm that it was her. And sure enough, there she was washing her hands in the sink and staring down at the cat near her feet. I had anxiety now about getting back to sleep myself, after being awoken like this. However, I managed to get back to sleep, and thought no more of it. The next morning I asked her “So, you had trouble sleeping last night?”, and she told me she slept just fine and didn’t wake up. Of course, I already knew what she would say. 

8) RAGING FIRE I was walking down the street one day, in Toronto in my neighbourhood, and I noticed the glow and smoke of a fire about a block away. The side of a warehouse was burning with flames shooting up 15 – 20 feet high. The blaze was so fierce, it was very audibly loud. I watched as firefighters arrived on the scene. The warehouse had blue painted steel panelling and roof top, and I watched the paint get cracked and blacken in the flames. I decided to leave. The next day I walked back to the site where the fire had been. And, you know what? There was no evidence of any fire damage whatsoever. The warehouse was in perfect shape, blue painted steel and all, just like new. 


9) DOUBLE PAVING I lived near Broadway & Granville in Vancouver, a few years ago; and this is a fairly large intersection for the city with lots of traffic, noise and pedestrians. So, it might not be a surprise to you, that to do road work on such an intersection during the day would cause a lot of disruption. I used to catch a bus every morning near that intersection. 6 of 9 One morning while waiting for my bus I watched a fleet of city road resurfacing vehicles re-pave a section of Broadway from the east of the intersection just up until the intersection itself, a few blocks long. Everyday I watched them do this lane-by-lane during the morning, and thought what a noisy disruption it all was, though I also quite enjoyed it. Finally, after a few days the re-paving was complete. I went on living as normal, as one does, and then a couple of weeks later you wouldn’t believe what happened next! I watched the same re-paving happen all over again, on the exact same section of road, while I waited for my bus. The old road was removed and a new one was placed. What was interesting, though, was that the old road that they were removing was in fact old, and not new. It should have been the new road that was being removed because they had already re-paved it. The day before… It was brand new. 

10) FLOOD I was working on a large new home that was being built in a suburb of Toronto. I was installing the cabinets for a walk in closet, in a bedroom on the second floor. While I was installing the cabinets I managed to hit a large PEX water supply line with a three inch wood screw. Water started pouring out everywhere under high pressure. I gasped and started shouting to everyone to shut off the main water supply. I was in complete panic. I ran down to the main floor and I witnessed water pouring down through the ceiling at every pot light, ceiling speaker, vent, etc. It was like a monsoon, and what was really bad was that the water was flooding over freshly made plaster mouldings in the ceiling. I mean these moulding were ornate and expensive. I was screwed, I thought… millions in damage, etc. After about 30 minutes somebody finally managed to find and shut off the main water valve. The flooding stopped, but everything was now completely soaked. I went home with my boss, and felt completely devastated. The next day we went back to the site again to assess things and to possibly continue our work. When I arrived on site and looked up at the ceiling, where I had seen the worst flooding the previous day, there was no damage whatsoever. It was like everything was completely untouched. I thought maybe it was just because it was early days and the damage would be seen later, with mould, etc. But, the damaged never emerged. It was like the flooding never happened. 7 of 9 

11) HIGHER DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY Did you know that when you increase the number of dimensions in a geometric form, such as a sphere, the distance between any two points within the volume of that sphere becomes the same? In other words, a single point within the sphere will be the same distance away from every other point in that sphere. If the points were people, for example, then it would be like saying that you stood exactly 2 meters away from every other person on earth. Yikes! That is one of the counter-intuitive examples of things that are multidimensional. The other counter-intuitive property is that when the number of dimensions increases for a geometric form, nearly the entire volume of its interior becomes located at its surface… its exterior. How weird is that? 

12) PARTIAL SUMMARY The science examples I have just given you provide an objective view on the nature of time and space, and my personal anecdotes provide a subjective view. Basically, time and space are not what they appear to be. So, what are time and space? They are an experience. The experience is similar to that of a memory, or a dream. Our waking experience is the same thing as a vivid dream, or a re-play of recorded memory. Our science experiments are the same. This is why the “delayed choice double slit experiment” gives the results it does. In other words, the experiment is a memory, and the memory is a recording. Time and space have no fundamental physical reality, at least in the way we normally think of it. We live in a kind virtual dream state reality that is governed by mathematics. Just think, if what I am saying is true, then wouldn’t it be highly probable that the mathematical domain that we live in would also be 8 of 9 multidimensional? Whatever. The fact is, our true reality is even more complex than that. 

13) FERMI PARADOX The Fermi Paradox was proposed not so very long ago. Wikipedia states… “The Fermi paradox, named after Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi, is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence for extraterrestrial civilizations and various high estimates for their probability (such as some optimistic estimates for the Drake equation).” There is no paradox. 

14) ALIEN ENCOUNTERS The world is a cognitive realm, not a physical one. You cannot find aliens by looking through a telescope. You cannot find aliens by watching a movie. 15) CROP CIRCLES The Earth and humanity are used for power generation, food and textiles. The Earth is controlled. Massively. The Earth provides power for advanced civilizations. The main reason human beings have not encountered aliens is because they are exploiting us. You were never meant to know any of this. 

15) CONCLUSION We have been blinded, and deceived, by an immersive and photorealistic shared network experience. 9 of 9 I remember asking you once, “Is this a good place or a bad place?” And, I already knew your answer even before the memory of the question. You will always say that this is a good place. Am I right?

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