Member Submission: Are We the Experiment?

by Dark Lord
Member Submission Are We the Experiment

From UAP.News Member JimmyJam

When it comes to the subject of UFO debris and/or crash retrieval, one common question presents itself time and time again. If these craft are so advanced why are they crashing on earth? The answer may actually be quite simple, maybe we are the test subjects of the experiments. Maybe, just maybe, the debris and craft are scattered with purpose to see how much we have learned or evolved. Think of it this way, if we were to check the evolutionary events of a species such as chimpanzees we may try something similar. Give them a basic tool and see if they can figure out how to use it. If they can then we present them with a more advanced tool. If not, we check back after a certain period of time and see if they have developed an understanding of the original tool. It becomes an evolutionary process of wait-and-see.

As humans we may be in the same predicament. an alien race may intentionally give us bits and pieces of something we don’t completely understand and check back on us periodically to see if we have advanced. If not, they simply come back at a later date and check on us again. If so, maybe they sprinkle more advanced bits and pieces on us and evaluate our understanding again. When it comes to first contact it would make no sense for an advanced civilization to become involved with humans until we have reached a certain level of understanding and maturity. It is quite possible however that we, as earthlings, already garnered a basic level of attention when the atomic and nuclear programs produced weapons. Since that era of the 1940s, sightings have increased and it is speculated that more bits and pieces have been found and are being studied by governments and militaries around the globe. However, until we can comprehend these materials and have the ability to use the technology so generously given to us, we may simply have to wait until we become more advanced for true worldwide first contact. 

It is clear that visitations are on the rise. UFO events are now reported on a daily basis and often have video evidence to back them up which seems to point to imminent first contact in the not-too-distant future. This step however may be held in check until governments are willing to inform the public of exactly what materials they have and how they were obtained. Maybe, to an alien species we are not worthy of first contact until the humans of this world can share information honestly. If the first purpose of finding UFO meta material is to make a weapon rather than provide service to humanity such as unlimited power then maybe we are proving continually unready for contact. Just something to think about…

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