Member Submission: Disclosure May Become Irrelevant

by Dark Lord
Disclosure May Become Irrelevant

Member: Hermes

As early as the Roswell crash of 1947 the world has been waiting patiently for the United States government to disclose the true nature, as best they know it, of UFOs and related events. Many of us have been waiting not only years, but decades for some relevant release of information from powers inside the government. But what if waiting on the government to release the information the UFO community is so hungry for never happens? Does it actually need to happen? Maybe we’re relying on the wrong party to disclose information, maybe disclosure is already occurring in the form of UFO visitations. Follow me for a minute if you will. When it comes to UFO disclosures there is more than one player in the game. While everyone looks for governments and militaries for information it seems UFOs may be a forgotten member of this equation. What if extraterrestrials are already in the process of disclosing themselves to humans? It seems that if you wanted to desensitize the human race of fearing aliens the easiest way to do that would be a little at a time. Give them a glimpse of UFO, then another and another with increased regularity. Over time, when sightings increase they become more commonplace, fear of the unknown will slowly dissipate. It may be to the point that extraterrestrial visitors are tired of waiting for nations to disclose to the public the nature, as they know it, of UFO visits. Maybe government disclosure has become irrelevant and extraterrestrials have begun their own disclosure. At that point the government’s of the world have no control and simply become spectators. There is no doubt that sightings are on the rise and more video of UFO events makes its way into the public eye each and every day. So the final question to ponder is, are the owners of these extraterrestrial craft pushing disclosure in their own way?

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