Member Submission: I Don’t Think They’re Ours

by Dark Lord
I Don’t Think They’re Ours

I Don’t Think They’re Ours

Written by: Kevin Brackley

  UFO’s are a real phenomenon.  What they are exactly is another question.  The US government has had several task forces to study them, going as far back as Project Sign in 1948, Project Grudge in 1949, Project Blue Book in 1952, and as recently as today with the “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force”, (which used to be the  Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or “AATIP”) who are now preparing a report for the Senate Intelligence Committee for June of 2021. 

  Prior to all that, unidentified flying objects have been reported since the late 1800’s when people in the Eastern United States reported seeing large “air ships.”  Sightings continued for decades but were mainly relegated to being nothing more than tall-tales.  Sightings weren’t taken seriously until late 1944, during the Second World War, when Allied pilots started reporting sightings of fast-moving, orange glowing balls of light that would follow their aircraft then zoom away at incredible speeds.  At first, the Allies suspected that these craft were German-made secrete weapons.  If this was true, and they were German-made craft, why did they just follow Allied aircraft and not shoot them down? Why did Germany not deploy this new secret weapon like they did with their V1 and V2 rockets? After the war, it was discovered that German pilots had also reported seeing these fast moving, orange glowing craft.

Let’s start from there: 1944. 

This is when both Allied and Axis pilots reported seeing strange flying craft that could move at incredible speeds.  That was 76 years ago.  Since then we’ve had reports from both military and commercial pilots & radar operators of unidentified flying objects capable of performing maneuvers that seem to defy the laws of physics as we know them.  Some of the observed characteristics of these craft can be summed up by the former head of AATIP, Louis Elizondo, as “the 5 Observables”:

1.      Anti-gravity lift (no visible discernable means of flight)

2.      Sudden and instantaneous acceleration.

3.      Travel at hypersonic speeds without a sonic boom or vapour trail.

4.      Low observability (hard to see in detail, cloaked, radar jamming)

5.      Trans-medium travel (can travel through air and water).

Let’s assume that these are indeed American-made craft, made by aerospace engineering firms under contract from the military:

Making a flying machine is no small feat of engineering.  First, you start with the concept on a drawing board. Then you need funding, resources, skilled labour, and testing – in other words: you need a lot of research and development.  All of that can take years. If the craft seen in 1944 were man-made, a group of people would have had to of been working on them since the mid-1930’s, right?  There would have had to of been test flights. Engineers. Designs drawn up.  Blueprints.  Materials purchased.  Test pilots.  Failed tests.  Money.  Labour to actually build the thing.  So far, no one has produced any evidence to show that these craft being seen in the 1940’s were indeed man-made. No one has come forward to say: “Yes, I worked on anti-gravity flying discs in the 1930’s, then we started flying them in the 40’s, and we flew them over warzones.”  The only exception to this is whistleblower Bob Lazar, who came forward in 1989 to say he was working on anti-gravity craft at Area 51 – but according to Lazar, they were working on reverse engineering alien craft, not building their own from scratch.

  There’s also the matter of conducting flight-testing over sensitive areas.  If these craft were man-made experimental aircraft, why fly them over sensitive nuclear installations?  Many civilian nuclear power stations have reported UFO’s hovering over their facilities, and there have been multiple incidents with UFO’s flying over military bases that house nuclear weapons.  That seems like an extremely dangerous place to test experimental flying machines, don’t you think?

If these were secret military craft being tested, why would they test them over highly sensitive nuclear sites and critical civilian infrastructure? 

 Nuclear power stations and missile bases aside – there have been mass sightings over places like Phoenix Arizona, Brussels Belgium and Mexico-City Mexico.  Why test top-secrete anti-gravity craft over highly populated civilian areas with lots of civilian air traffic overhead?  Isn’t the whole reason the government has testing areas like Groom Lake Nevada is because those areas are unpopulated and vastly empty?  Wouldn’t a “top-secret” project no long be top-secret if you flew it over hundreds of thousands of people? 

Furthermore, if they are man-made machines made under contract for a military, then why haven’t they been used in war?  Surely this technology would give a huge advantage to whomever has them?  Since WWII, America has fought wars in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Wouldn’t deploying aircraft that can hover in place and instantly accelerate at incredible speeds have come in handy during the Vietnam war?  It sure seems like a better alternative to the helicopter: a clunky, slow moving, thin skinned, gas guzzling aircraft that requires tons of maintenance and can be easily shot down.

  Let’s look at the costs of current planes: The new F-22 Raptor is a next generation multi-role aircraft.  To date, this is one of the most advanced pieces of aerospace engineering humans have ever built. And it’s expensive. One aircraft alone is estimated at $334 million with the cost-per-hour to operate approximately $60,000.  Why spend that much money on a product when you have another product that vastly outperforms it?  Why even build a product that runs on gas if you have a better performing product that presumably does not burn gas?

  Ok – advanced military flying machines are expensive, but the US military has deep pockets. What about civilian aerospace?  The new Boeing 737 MAX (the one that’s currently grounded because it keeps crashing) was developed at a cost of around $2 billion.  Each 737 costs around $110 million, and every time you fill it up with gas it costs around $7-10K.  Two things are happening here: we’re observing craft that have advanced flying capabilities but at the same time we’re spending billions on “advanced” military jets that can’t perform any of the five observables, and billions more on civilian jets that end up being grounded because they’re unreliable and dangerous. This then begs the questions:  Why continue to build expensive jets that consume gas if these jets can be outperformed by these flying discs? Why cling to outdated technology?  Isn’t that like equipping your army with black powder muskets when you have assault rifle technology? If a company like Boeing was able to make flying saucers, why would they continue to spend billions making unreliable jets that run on fossil fuels? 

If any company has been secretly making flying saucers for 76 years, wouldn’t they want to go public with that technology (even if it is still in development) just to watch their stock price go through the roof? Wouldn’t commercial applications alone be worth divulging this technology?  Private companies that have contracts with the US government may be required to keep certain technologies secret or keep the technology out of the hands of the public, this is true…but for 76 years? We’re talking intergenerational here! With all the ups and downs companies like Boeing and Lockheed have had over those 76 years, you’d think there would be at least one person on the company board of directors who thinks they need to go public with their new anti-gravity tech just to boost the company stock price.

  But I digress.  Let’s continue with the theory that UFO’s are just man-made and part of some ultra-secrete US military project.  The SR-71 Blackbird was a very top-secret project for its time and they could barely keep that quiet.  Designs for the project started in 1958 and by 1964 the cat was out of the bag.  6 years.  That’s it.  That’s how long they were able to keep a top-secret project a secret.  Aerospace engineering suppliers, manufacturers and engineers are a small community and everyone involved eventually figured out a new top-secret spy plane was being developed.  Based on this it’s doubtful that the US government, its contractors and suppliers, could keep anti-gravity technology a secret for 76 years when they couldn’t do it for 6.

The Manhattan project was an above-top-secret program that was kept a secret, but that only ran from 1942-1946. As the project was about creating a bomb that would help end the war, they were probably only intending to keep it secret for a few years anyways – once they used it everyone was going to know about it. 

  Maybe then, UFO’s are not US-made craft.  Perhaps they’re Russian.  However, with the humiliating defeat of the space race, you’d think the Russians would be eager to show off their new anti-gravity craft that can travel to the stars and intercept US bombers, or use this technology during their disastrous campaign in Afghanistan?  It’s also doubtful that these craft are Chinese – if they had anti-gravity tech, why would they be copying US military designs obtained through cyber-espionage?


To sum it up:

–          Sightings of UFO’s have been going on for over 75 years.

–          Expensive jets that run on gas, both military and commercial, are still being built. 

–          No nation or company has used anti-gravity tech during war or commercially for profit. 

–          No whistleblowers have come forward to say they’ve worked on man-made anti-gravity flying craft.

–          Highly doubtful that the Russians or Chinese are behind this technology.

I don’t claim to know what UFO’s are, but I am fairly certain what they are not – and that is: they are not ours.  They are not from Earth.

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