January 28, 2021


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  • sKari
  • To whoever wants to listen, First of all I want to begin by stating that I BELIEVE. I know there is alien life out there and I think many of the video I've seen are real. But... I see alot of vid of little single light orbs as theyre described that I think are drones, either out to scare or entertain or both. You see a few years ago I was visiting Florida, Disney Springs and since it was near the winter holidays there was a nightly drone show over a body of water between a shopping area and our condo. The drones would get into formation in complete darkness and then a loud speaker started playing music and suddenly seemingly out of nowhere was a hundred or so drones lit up in the sky and in the shape of mickey or a christmas tree, etc. They switched shapes and color of lights every minute or so. It was somehow choreographed from a central location, probably a computer program that tells each drone where it hovers and how long and what color light to display. It must have been a pretty sophisticated system. So I guess my point is when we see several small lights in formation or seemingly drop or fly away from a larger lighted source whats to say its not drones? I became especially suspicious when I see posts from L.A. Again just my impression, I dont mean to offend. But this info may save someone from embarrasment one day. I look forward to all the rest of the strange and sometimes scary images on this sight. Thanks for sharing and letting me share my opinion. Hopefully someday I too will have a video to share. K

    Drones, Drones, Drones...?

    • I have no idea why my previous post came out all caps and without any structure…? Its not how i typed it. Sorry.

    • Thanks for sharing. I thing what separates drones usually is the noise level. Non military drones tend to be noisy. Way to participate!

  • whos asking? New to this site and still trying to figure it out…


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