Monolith Found in Remote Utah

by Dark Lord

We don’t always report strictly on UFOs as you may well know. Occasionally when the subject warrants we will certainly include it, this is one such case. Officers of the Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau were flying in the Utah mountains counting bighorn sheep, when they saw something which caused them to land. Upon further investigation the officers found a 10 to 12 foot monolith appearing to be made of stainless steel. Speculation has run wild as to the origins of the object including the mundane such as it may have been created by an earthbound artist who is now deceased, or as exotic as ‘aliens’ planted it. We don’t have any factual information at this time, such as how deep into the ground does it extend and has the metal actually been tested. We have received reports that the object does contain rivets which leads many to believe that it was an earth made structure however in our opinion the jury is still out and you can find the rest of the story HERE and the video below of it’s discovery below.

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