Most Common UFO

by Dark Lord

UFOs come in as many shapes and sizes as those that witness them. Reports vary widely from Triangle craft more than a mile long, to six inch Orbs and just about everything in between. But occasionally we are asked which is the most common UFO sighting and the answer is unequivocally Orbs. We currently showcase over 800 UFO videos from all over the world and without doubt the most common are Orbs. There are many reasons, however one of them is that there are mass migrations of orbs at one time, and we’re not talking 40 or 50 we’re talking 500 or 1000. Another reason orbs may be so common is that rarely are sightings close enough to physically distinguish the actual shape of the object, especially if the object is emanating much light. So it appears as an orb from whatever distance. Speculation over the years is that the majority of orbs are actually a sort of extraterrestrial reconnaissance drone to gather information and report back. So if you’re wondering what type of UFO you may be most likely to see, the odds would favor an orb, at least from any distance.

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