My name is Wilson

by Dark Lord

The late 1800s saw a rash of UFO activity over Texas. The Levelland Incident in 1897 was the one that captured most everyone’s attention, however there were others. Case in point, on April 19th in that same year, J.B. Ligon and his son were outside the Magnolia Brewery when they observed four men standing beside a large and unusual object in a field. The men asked Ligon for two buckets of water, while another introduced himself as ‘Wilson’ and began explaining that this was a new flying machine that was built in Iowa and that there were four additional craft and that all were electrically powered. The next day a local Sheriff H.W. Baylor found three men in his backyard standing next to a similar airship. One of the men introduced himself as Wilson and the men again requested water. On April 23rd two men reported coming across another flying machine with two occupants named ‘Wilson’ and ‘Jackson’. On April 22nd and 30th the encounters with flying machines happened again. What makes this story so interesting is that in the United States we did not have craft of this type and only in Europe were they experimenting with such large powered craft.

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