Nicholas Mariana Baseball Field UFO

by Dark Lord

Nicholas Mariana a local radio station in Great Falls Montana. While preparing for a sporting event on August 15th, 1950, at the local baseball field he noticed two ‘Bright Silvery’ objects moving swiftly across the sky, after watching them momentarily he ran to his car to fetch his camera while yelling for his Secretary Miss Virginia Ronnie, who also witnessed the objects. Mr. Mariana actually managed to get his camera set up and begin filming before the objects had disappeared. The video managed to contain 315 frames including the objects coming to a halt in midair than accelerating away. For it’s time this was likely the clearest UFO video ever taken. Mr. Mariana turned the video over to the Air Technical Intelligence Center of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for analysis. The surprising thing is not that the report came back saying ‘nothing decisive was established’, but rather when the video was returned to Mr. Mariana it was missing 35 frames, the best 35 frames according to Mr. Mariana. Check out this great video of this historical UFO event.

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