Norfolk Regiment Disappearance

by Dark Lord

World War I, as with all wars, was bloody and violent, people died and were maimed while others went missing , never to be heard from again. People are lost in war for a variety of reasons, they get lost, they wander off, and sometimes run away, but it is usually one or two people. In the case of the Fifth Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment all 267 men disappeared. The regiment was 250 men, 16 commanders and led by Colonel Beauchamp. 

The 5th Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment arrived on the Gallipoli Peninsula on August 10, and two days later were ordered to attack Turkish troops. The soldiers morale was low for the task that lay that ahead as they suffered dehydration. heatstroke and dysentery. People were sick and dying. Yet they followed orders coming under attack by Turkish snipers. Even under heavy fighting they pushed the Turks back into the forest, battering them with artillery along the way into the base of the mountain. It was said that an unusual and dark cloud appeared above the soldiers and as they climbed the mountain chasing the Turks upward into the cloud they were all abducted and never returned. That the cloud was actually a UFO and it took them all away. The 267 men of the 5th Battalion never returned to their barracks, never turned up individually after the war and no remains were ever found of any of them. All 267 men of the fifth Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment had disappeared without a trace. The British government investigated the incident, suspecting the Turks had captured the regiment however the Turkish government denied any involvement. The entire area has been searched multiple times and still no remains or items of any kind have been found yet 267 men disappeared together on August 12th, 1915.

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