Pascagoula Abduction

by Dark Lord

42-year-old Charles Hickson and then 19-year-old Calvin Parker decided to go fishing together after a hard day at work. It was something they enjoyed. October 11, 1973 the two men decided to fish near where they worked in a no trespassing area on the edge of the Pascagoula river in Mississippi. The younger Parker was concerned that they may get in trouble for trespassing but the older Hickson told him he had fished there many times and they would be fine. Shortly after beginning their evenings fun the two men were approached by an oval-shaped UFO 30 to 40 feet across and 8 to 10 feet high. The craft shot both men with a light beam of some sort, paralyzing them but leaving them conscious. Three entities emerged from the craft grabbing the men with pincer type claws and drew them into the craft. The younger man later recalled a long pincer shoved up his nose until he thought they would kill him, then through telepathy they related to him that he would not be harmed. The pincer was removed although it left Parker with a bloody nose. Sometime later, neither man is exactly sure how long, they were released back onto the shore and the craft flew away. Both men were petrified, literally trembling with fear. The men ran for help as best they could to the local police where they were interrogated. The police knew both men were terrified. They secretly turned on a tape recording device under the table and left the two men in the room to talk in the interrogation room. The men discussed how they couldn’t believe what just happened to them, convincing the police that they were telling the truth. This is an amazing story, definitely one of the all-time best.

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