Police Draw Weapons on Alien

by Dark Lord

Two police officers were on patrol on a slow evening when they decided to set up a roadblock and see what they could catch. Not long afterward along came a white van which stopped up the road apiece. The officers, being unsure of who was in the vehicle, approached cautiously. By the time the police had gotten there the van was empty and the officers gave pursuit up the hill. Upon finding nothing as the men retreated back to their cars they came upon what they claimed was a 7 foot tall alien. Both officers drew their weapons however neither fired. The alien stepped a few feet to the side and dove into a small bush, and crazy as it sounds, disappeared. Both men moved on and about the Bush yet no alien was discovered and the men re-holstered their weapons, deciding not to tell others and be assumed crazy. There is more to this story and you can find it HERE, and below is the video for your enjoyment!

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