Rendlesham Forest Incident

by Dark Lord

The Rendlesham Forest lies between two British military installations, Bentwaters RAF and Woodbridge RAF which were both controlled by the United States military at the time. It all began on December 26th in 1980, with what military personnel believed was a plane crash in Rendlesham Forest just outside the base. Two military police on patrol, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston, were ordered to the scene to investigate. As the men neared the site they could see a light emanating from the forest and believed it was likely flames from the crashed plane they were seeking. However, as they moved closer they could see it was actually a landed UFO, triangular in shape with unusual markings and metallic color. The men approached the craft unsure of what they were seeing, but as they neared the craft lifted off, delicately moving through the treetops before departing at unbelievable speeds. 

A couple of days later on December 28th a holiday celebration was taking place. The air was thick with merriment and seasonal joy when a young officer entered and excitedly exclaimed to the Base Commander and Deputy Commander, “Sir they’re back! The UFOs are back!”  obviously the men had seen the UFO reports from days previous, and not believing that they could really be UFOs Lieut. Col. Charles Halt decided he would lead the investigating patrol personally. n. At this time the men were at the original landing site and found three indentations of 1 ½ inches deep and a 7 inch diameter in the cold hard winter ground caused by the first UFO. Trees in that area had obviously been damaged by the UFO as well as much higher radiation signature than the baseline. One of the men called out as he saw a red light in the distance alerting the rest of the men. and adrenaline increases their heart rate. The light pulsates and becomes recognizable as round and begins moving toward the nervous men. Terrifyingly the more the men watch the object the more it looks like an eyeball looking back at them, moving from side to side sporadically and flashing brilliantly.  The craft had been witnessed in a meadow and had now moved into the trees bobbing about, but touching nothing. As the men moved toward the craft in hopes of identification, UFO went back into the meadow where a house sat, illuminating it as if it were on fire. The UFO then began dripping some sort of material that appeared to be molten metal. Suddenly and silently the craft exploded and in its place were multiple orbs that then disappeared. Fortunately the second sighting was recorded on audiotape by the good Lieut. Col. which clearly, when listened to, paints a picture of an actual UFO encounter while it’s happening. Sadly the soldiers that participated in this were exposed to site radiation and had long term physical difficulties for the rest of their lives. Interestingly they were actually approved for VA disability, meaning that the government accepted that their disability was caused by interaction with an unknown craft while in the line of duty. That’s a pretty big deal, because it validates this event.

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