Researcher of the Year – Brandon Fugal

by Dark Lord
Brandon Fugal

We write frequently about the Skinwalker Ranch and the amazing activities that happen in the Uinta basin. The reason we are able to do that is because the owner of the ranch believes in sharing information. He employs a team of scientists working with the best equipment to uncover the nature of the many unique phenomena witnessed at the ranch. Brandon Fugal, owner of the ranch, has invested a tremendous amount of money to investigate something that may not want to be investigated. He proceeds in a scientific and professional yet cautious manner to ensure the safety of those working with him. In April it is expected that the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch will begin airing its second season on the history Channel. If you have not seen the first season we certainly encourage everyone to watch it. To learn more about our 2020 Researcher of the Year you can check out this nicely written article from HERE.

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