Russia’s Robozero UFO

by Dark Lord

UAP.News does not receive a lot of UFO news or video from Russia so we appreciate what we do get and what we can dig up. So on August 28th, in 1663 about 10 AM people were startled by an explosion in the heavens. A flaming object fell out of the sky, it was a large craft approaching 120 feet in diameter and was seen gliding above the lake. Two fiery beams of light shot forth from the front of the craft, while smoke appeared to billow from its sides. The citizens stood stunned as the object disappeared then reappeared less luminous and a good distance away. Again the craft disappeared. The town folk were still in an agitated state when the fiery red object appeared again, almost menacing them. The light was so bright that nearby fishermen were burned and fish reportedly scuttled ashore to get out of the water.

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