San Jose Valderas Spain UFO

by Dark Lord

Madrid, Spain, was a bustling city in 1967. As with most cities Madrid had its suburbs, including San Jose De Valderas. On June 1st a saucer shaped object appeared with the setting sun. Stunned witnesses watched as the craft traveled about the area, skimming the treetops and scaring the citizens. The 40 foot craft carried a capital H with a line running vertically through the center as an apparent insignia. Speculation has arisen that the alien insignia is very similar to the astronomical sign of Uranus. The craft exited along the Extramadura Highway as a flaming red ball until landing in Santa Monica near a restaurant with flabbergasted patrons. Witnesses reported three legs extended before landing which left marks on the surface, but also left behind were a number of unusual rods which were filled with liquid. One rod was broken, its contents evaporated immediately however two green strips made of extremely rare material marked with the craft insignia were inside. There were also numerous still pictures of the UFO which you can see below.

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