Tehran Iran 1976

by Dark Lord

On September 19 witnesses in the city of Tehran began placing phone calls to the local authorities about an exceptionally bright light in the sky. Those authorities decided to send an F-4 fighter jet and see what was really happening. As the plane near the object it’s electronics began malfunctioning until the pilot had to return to base. A second F-4 was released to the same location and this time achieved radar lock on the craft. The pilot witnessed the craft release a glowing object which he believed to be some sort of missile headed straight for him. As he attempted evasive maneuvers his electronics also malfunctioned. Before returning to base he saw the craft release another white orb in the direction of earth but did not see the result. The United States was contacted to assist in the investigation of the event. Upon completion the United States Air Force basically said it was Jupiter at that anything else that just happened was a normal malfunction. More hooey from the United States government in 1976.

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