Teleportation vs Teletransportation

by Dark Lord

When we think of teleportation, or being teleported, we often hold an image of Star Trek with crewmen being beamed on and off board. So that would be teleportation, but what is Teletransportation? Teletransportation can be explained using a similar Star Trek analogy. In this case instead of being beamed up and down from the ship, someone or something is beamed up to the ship, the vessel then travels to another location and the someone or something are in turn beamed down. So in this example you get the teleportation up to the ship, the transportation to another location, then the teleportation down to the surface. So where we’re going with this is the incredible story of Gerardo Vidal. In 1968 Mr. Vidal was an attorney working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In May of that year the couple were leaving a family party they had attended. It was around midnight and they still had 120 km to get home to Buenos Aires. As they drove along Highway 2 following another couple their car drove into what they believed was a fog bank. 48 hours later the Vidals awoke 6400 km away, outside of Mexico City, Mexico. Initially the couple had no idea where they were and it became clear to them they were no longer in Argentina, they had somehow ended up in Mexico. They eventually made their way to the Argentinean Consulate where arrangements were made to return them to Buenos Aires. Of intense interest in the story, is not only the teleportation or teletransportation, but the fact that their car appeared to have undergone intense heat as though all the paint had been blasted off. Surprisingly the mechanics of the vehicle worked perfectly, it just looked terrible. 

Upon return to Buenos Aires, Mrs Vidal was checked into a mental institution where her condition remained private. Mr Vidal however became increasingly hard to find once the story gained global fame. People of all sorts came out of the woodwork attempting to engage Mr Vidal eventually causing him to become all but invisible. Debunkers trying to make a name for themselves threw out wild speculation and innuendo, including that Mrs. Goodall had actually been in a mental institution the whole time and that it was all a cover-up so her friends would not know she was mentally ill. That story in particular doesn’t wash, as it is unlikely Vidals would’ve traveled that far,and endured such ridicule to cover up a mental health episode that could have been handled within the country’s borders. Also it doesn’t make any sense that you would destroy the paint on your car to cover up a visit to the psychiatric hospital. So all these years later, if you believe this event happened, do you believe it was Teleportation or Teletransportation?

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