The Anjikuni Village Incident

by Dark Lord

November 1930. Lake Anjikuni, Kivaliq region of Nunavut, Canada. As a hunter and trapper Joe LaBelle had frequented the Anjikuni Village and was preparing for a warm meal and some of the alcohol the village was known for. What he discovers is an empty village with fires burning pots of food and the people missing, all of the people. It appeared as if the villagers had simply been snatched from whatever activity they were doing at the time. In that part of the country no man leaves the village without his gun yet the villagers were missing and the guns were not. Sadly the dogs of the village had been starved to death and covered under the snow which adds to the mystery of what happened. Another odd note was the village graveyard was emptied by whatever had visited the village. Joe searched the village for tracks leading away but found none, the inhabitants of the village were simply gone. The Canadian Mounties investigated but unfortunately they found no evidence that would lead them to a conclusion.

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