The Army Helicopter Event

by Dark Lord

This story rates as a great sighting because it has two fun ingredients, one is that it happens on a helicopter in midair and is seen by four witnesses, the other is that there was ground observation and confirmation of the event. A four-man crew of Captain. Lawrence Coyne, Lt. Arrigo Jezzi, Sgt. John Healey and Sgt. Robert Yanasek, were returning to base in Cleveland in their Army reserve helicopter, returning from Columbus Ohio. One of the occupants witnessed a strange red light in the distance after a short time, the object moved directly toward the helicopter causing the pilot to take evasive maneuvers to avoid what he thought was going to be an inevitable crash. However, the objects stopped just short of striking them. The crew reported that the craft they witnessed was a gunmetal gray, cigar shaped craft with a low dome on top, it had no tail or wings and made no sound. After a short time the craft moved above the helicopter and shot them with a green beam of light pulling the crew and craft upward. As the crew fought to regain control the beam was discontinued and the crew was able to land their craft safely.

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