The Aviaco Incident 1978

by Dark Lord

So if you like stories of in-flight UFO events we have one for you here. According to this article out of Brazil on January 31 in 1978 Spanish airline Aviaco was on the Valencia-Bilbao routine preparing to land when flight control ordered them to another airport 100 km away, extending the flight an additional 15 minutes. When they were 60 km out from Santander a dark and dense circular cloud appeared in front of them, resembling a UFO. Once inside the cloud the electronic equipment in the cockpit began acting erratically. The flight crew lost communication with the tower through what they called ‘electronic isolation’. At one point the instruments were reading that the plane was actually upside down. The pilots fought these terrifying conditions for seven minutes when the plane finally exited the cloud. The electronics began working normally again however when the pilots took their measurements in those seven minutes they had not traveled any closer to their destination and were in the same spot as when they entered the cloud.

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