The Bariloche Argentina Case

by Dark Lord

August 31st, 8:30pm 1995, a 727 jetliner, flight 674 of Aerolinas Argentinas was preparing the land when he was startled when the lights of the runway and city went out simultaneously. At that moment when the pilot knows he has to gain elevation quickly there can be uncertainties in the skies around you. As the pilot reached 11,000 feet and began circling, he encountered an intense white light at 8:30 PM closing in on his location fast. The pilot reported “this is what we think is a flying saucer” over his radio before it began to fail. As passengers and crew alike stared in astonishment at a large disc of white coloring that had an amber central light and two green lights. At approximately 100 meters from the 727 the UFO stopped abruptly in midair and followed the aircraft at that distance for several minutes. As this game of cat and mouse played out, the object shot vertically into the clouds then passed below the 727 then ahead of the 727 and kept going until it was out of sight. Witnesses on the ground were dumbfounded at the site as were pilots in another plane nearby.

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