The Essex Encounter

by Dark Lord

In October 1974 Elaine and John, whose last name we will Anders, were returning home with their three children. The family noticed a light in the sky which was the topic of conversation until they drove through a green mist enveloping the road. John had been in a hurry to watch his favorite television show and wanted to get home before it began. To his surprise upon returning home the show had been off the air for hours already, it was now 1 o’clock in the morning and 2 ½ hours had gone missing. Afterwards the family began having nightmares of being in a room with small alien creatures. The chronic nightmares led to sessions of hypnotic regression revealing that the family had been removed from their car and led into the UFO. Later they were returned to their car and sent on their way. It is said that John reported new found abilities in artistic areas, and the family reported having psychic experiences. This is the first time hypnotic regression was used in the UK.

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