The Godfrey Event

by Dark Lord

Oftentimes police receive unusual calls without the slightest idea of what awaiting them at the other end. Constable Alan Godfrey was not far from where the Rendlesham Forest Incident would take place in the UK a month later, and was searching for a lost herd of cattle just before dawn when he discovered the missing herd but became confused by what he found. The area had been raining all night which is not uncommon in the UK when he encountered the cattle in the middle of a rain soaked field with no hoof prints leading to or from from them in any direction. He made a mental note of the oddity, reported the location and was returning to the office when he noticed something large in the road ahead. As the man neared the craft it was clearly not a bus which had been his first assumption, but rather a large fuzzy oval craft spinning wildly and causing the nearby shrubbery to flail about. The office stopped to make a quick drawing of the craft and the next thing he knew he was driving his patrol vehicle down the road. Not understanding what was happening, he turned around so that he could return to the scene of the sighting. The officer arrived back at the scene only to find a dry patch in the road at the same location the craft had been witnessed. Later when he was returning to the office he realized that 15 minutes were missing. The Constable remained silent about the event until local residents began reporting strange events and UFO sightings that coincided with the officers experience.

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