The Jessie Roestenburg Encounter 1954

by Dark Lord

Calmton Village in Staffordshire, England, a peaceful place appearing in many ways like the landscape from the movie “The Hobbit”. Green and lush, a serene community until 4:45 PM on October 21, 1954. Jessie Rostenburg was in her late 20s and working in her garden as she waited for two sons to return home from school. Suddenly a tremendous blast roared through the skies knocking Jesse and her two sons to the ground. The boys rolled over pointing to the sky and screaming “Mama, a flying saucer!”. The witnesses reported seeing a craft larger than their house floating 15 meters above the roof. Ms. Rostenburg reported saying it looked like a sombrero with a large “reconnaissance” window with two humanlike creatures on the other side. The EBEs or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities on board the craft were reportedly wearing turquoise suits and a transparent helmet. The beings apparently had blonde hair that stretched to their shoulders and a wide for head reminding the witnesses of a ‘sympathetic’ look. Once the woman gathered her children and ran into the house for cover, still watching for the craft and fear. Witnesses say the craft made three turns over the house, went up and down then disappeared.

That however is not the end of the story. Ms. Rostenburg had a close gentleman friend visiting whom she had confided in about her sighting a few days earlier. The friend believed that something may have been left on her roof and scampered up there to see, unfortunately he found nothing on the roof however he had a hunch that if he stayed on the roof there would be something to see, and there was. An enormous sausage shaped object floated silently in a semi circle less than a mile away while the pair stared in astonishment. The craft eventually disappeared into a bank of clouds to the North. The friend asked Ms. Rostenburg if that was the same craft she had seen a few days prior and she said no. The craft that had hovered over her house was much smaller. Apparently these events had a psychological effect on the children as the boys became disrespectful and unruly, which the mother states was never their nature previously. The event caused Jesse to break out in a blotchy skin rash on her face and arms, which was likely caused by stress. A year later the family moved to a new home and their lives returned to normal. The family stated after moving that it was “almost like leaving a haunted house”.

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