The Milk Farm Incident 1963

by Dark Lord

In the beautiful land of Australia in the Melbourne area is a small town of Moe 90 miles away. On February 15, 1963 the weather was drizzly with low-lying clouds and Charles Brew and his 20 year old son Trevor were milking the cows at the time. On that gray and gloomy day Mr. Brew noticed a craft coming down from the clouds at a 45° angle directly toward him. Initially believed the craft to be a helicopter before realizing it made no sound. The craft moved slowly and settled, hovering, 75 feet away. The craft was saucer-shaped and although the craft was illuminated the witnesses were unable to determine where the light was coming from. The  vehicle was 25 feet in diameter and 9 to 10 feet tall and the underside of the craft had a pale bluish glow. The craft was divided into three sections with the bottom third having scoop shaped protuberances 12 to 18 inches apart and rotating counterclockwise. The middle section was battleship gray and appeared to be metallic, while the top section was a transparent dome which had a 5 to 6 foot mast protruding from the center, likely a gravity wave amplifier, that appeared to have a bright chrome like finish. One item of note is that as the event happened Mr. Brew began getting a headache of increasing intensity and the farm livestock became noticeably agitated. Of particular interest is this statement Mr. Brew made concerning the craft, “It was beautiful. I could feel the life pulsating from it”.

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