The Phoenix Lights

by Dark Lord

March 13, 1997 was a beautiful clear night in Phoenix Arizona. It also happens to be the time and place of one of the most profound UFO sightings in history. It is estimated that as many as 100,000 people witnessed the V-shaped craft with five lights that slowly crept across the valley. Witnesses near the area where the craft entered the valley reported seeing it pass within a couple hundred feet of them and was large enough to land 50 B-2 bombers on one wing, in other words the craft was immense. Immediately the city became a beehive of activity as phone calls flooded the switchboards of witnesses wanting to understand what they were seeing, and have others verify that they were seeing it too. This UFO was said to have started above the skies of Henderson Nevada at 6:55 PM and wandered into Prescott Valley at 7:17 PM PST. Interestingly Arizona Governor Fife Symington played it up as a joke publicly to ease tensions in the community however, he was later ostracized for his buffoon -like behavior and attitude toward witnesses of the event. Years later Mr. Symington changed his tune completely and admitted to being a believer and that he actually witnessed the UFO himself. Enjoy the videos!

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