The Radio Problems of Onilson Papero

by Dark Lord

At 3 AM on May 22, 1973 Onilson Papero was finally heading home after a long day as the Organizer of Public Libraries for Sãn Paulo in Brazil. It was raining hard that morning and the father of two children just wanted to get home to his family. Shortly before arriving in Catanduva his radio began malfunctioning and soon after he witnessed a blue circle of light 8 inches in diameter traveling with him inside his car! The object moved around the cabin of the car slowly and as it crossed the dashboard the man believed he could see through it into the engine compartment. As he approached the top of the grade he saw a blue light shining on him from the summit, moving toward him until he had to pull off the road to avoid a collision. As the light continued to move towards the terrified man his skin became hot and the air thick. He scrambled out of his car to hear a buzzing sound and see a 35 foot wide gray saucer-shaped craft. Interestingly the craft appeared to have some sort of in invisibility shield that encircled the craft. The heat sensation when away in the air became normal. The craft projected a tubular appendage towards the ground, causing the scared man to flee. After about 100 feet the man became frozen in his tracks caught by what he described as a ‘rubber lasso’. His hands flailed about feeling for whatever was holding him. The captured man watched as a cone of blue light passed over his car, seeming to make the car transparent where Papero could see the interior. The man fell unconscious and was found in our later by two young men passing on the road. The young men took the disoriented man to the police where the man regained consciousness.. The following day the man was released and began having symptoms of irritation on his back and stomach which turned purple/blue and later yellow. It all happened after the radio went haywire, just something to think about.

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