The Taraji Bolivia Incident

by Dark Lord

The Taraji Bolivia Incident. On May 6, 1978 dozens of witnesses, possibly even hundreds of witnesses, saw a cylindrical shaped object billowing smoke sailing across the sky. The craft was obviously struggling to remain airborne and crashed into a remote mountain near the Bermejo river which divides Bolivia and Argentina. Initially there was confusion regarding which country the craft actually crashed in. The explosion from impact broke windows over 30 miles away and the sonic boom was heard as far as 120 miles away. There is confusion about what actually happened to the craft, one thread is that the craft actually hit the mountain with such impact it created a landslide that buried it, another is that the US military officers working on behalf of project ‘Moon Dust’ arrived and confiscated the craft and removed it with a US Air Force Hercules aircraft. If the craft was truly but recovered by the United States military it was likely moved to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio where project ‘Moon Dust’ was headquartered.

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