The Time-Warp case of Corporal Armando Valdez

by Dark Lord

In the barren desert of Pampa Lluscuma, near the town of Putre in the northern region of Chile one of the most unusual of all abductions occurred. In 1977 eight soldiers with the Chilean Army were stationed in the region known as a ‘Hot Zone’ for UFO activity. At 3:50 a.m. a soldier on guard duty at the army stables spotted a UFO and notified the Corporal. The craft hovered 500 meters away as soldiers watched in amazement. Corporal Valdez took it upon himself to investigate moved close enough to the craft to demand they identify themselves. They did not, however instead, Corporal Valdez disappeared seemingly into the craft, reappearing again 15 minutes later and appearing slightly different. The soldier collapsed, lapsing into semi-conscious state for another two and a half hours after uttering one statement “You don’t know who we are or where we come from, but we will be back soon”. Upon closer inspection, the Corporal had significant beard growth even though military men are required to shave daily. The time on his watch had not changed, but the date had increased by five days. In one odd twist the UFO stayed nearby until 6:35 a.m. and in another in that the President and Commander in Chief Augusto Pinochet personally forbid any press or UFO investigators from speaking with any of the men. The group were questioned many times, always confirming their original story.

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