The UFO with a Dent

by Dark Lord

Deputy Sheriff Arthur Strauch of Sibley County, Minnesota was returning home from a hunting trip with his wife Catherine and their 16-year-old son, along with Donald and Ann Crewe about 6:10pm on October 21st, 1965,  when they observed the stationary light in the sky to the northwest. The object was so unusual they stopped the car for a closer look. Through binoculars the officer observed a 50 foot diameter disc approximately 5 feet high with a small dome on top and four illuminated windows and an indentation or dent clearly visible on one side. Deputy Strauch grabbed his camera and took three photographs before changing film and snapping one last picture. The event lasted about 10 minutes until the craft shot off in the distance in a high-pitched whine. Sadly the first roll of film with the three photographs was accidentally disposed of in the belief it was defective film. Fortunately the single image on the second roll of film produced a shocking image. Interestingly many of the details recorded by the witnesses could not be observed in the remaining photograph. Skeptics called the sighting plasma, because that’s what skeptics do, they make up stuff to fit what they want to believe.

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