Travis Walton

by Dark Lord

In 1975 Travis Walton was a young man. A likable fellow and a hard worker. On November 5 while working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in snowflake Arizona Mr. Walton had one of the most remarkable experiences ever recorded. The end of the workday had come and Mr. Walton and his six coworkers were heading out after a long day’s work. To their amazement they came upon a craft in the small meadow. Travis exited the vehicle and moved towards the craft, not considering the consequences of his actions. He reached for the craft with an open hand and was shot with a beam of light which lifted him off the ground. His crew of coworkers, having witnessed the event scrambled into the truck and raced away terrified that they may be next. Mr. Walton said he was taken inside the craft where extraterrestrial beings attempted to perform something of an examination on him. The six men who left the scene returned to try and help Travis but he was gone as was the craft. The men went to the local sheriff and explained frantically what happened. The sheriff remained unconvinced as days passed and Travis had not returned. The police were considering arresting the men but had no evidence, and all men shared the same story. After five days Mr. Walton reappeared alive but very shaken with a fantastic story that just so happened to match that of his six coworkers. These men have been given many lie detector tests and it has been proven conclusively that this is the real deal. There are movies and documentaries about this event and we would recommend that you certainly consider them.

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