Tunguska Event

by Dark Lord

So back in 1908 when things fell from the sky they were not man-made. Typically they would glow brilliantly and occasionally crash in spectacular fashion. Then you would find a crater and within that crater would be a meteorite or debris. But on June 30 in the Tunguska region of Siberia in the Soviet Union the blast did not create the expected crater, but rather exploded above ground, leveling the surrounding forest equally in all directions totaling 770 square miles. Interestingly the trees around Ground Zero, while all dead, remain standing, similar to what had been recorded with atomic explosions ending World War II. Effects of the event were reported over 800 km away. There has been speculation that this was merely a Sonic Boom close to the ground, however, the sound of a Sonic Boom is not likely to travel 800 km. Could this have been a meteor? We suppose so, but why was there no crater, and where were the remains? Just another one for the record…

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