UAP Report Dissected Part Two

by Dark Lord
UAP Report Dissected Part Two

To begin with, page 3 of this document acknowledges that government and military entities have been insufficient in their data collection and analysis. Obviously this is difficult to verify since their position has been to lie, deny and ignore. Now apparently, they have processes and procedures tailored to better capturing and analyzing UAP data and events with formalized reporting. We can get on board with that and the next part continues on that most UAP’s represent physical objects. Their justification for this change in position is that the majority of UAP’s were registered across multiple sensors including radar, infrared, electro-optical, weapon seeking and visual. This is nothing new as UFOs have been seen by radar for many many years. 

The next part is troublesome and says that in a certain limited number of incidents, UAP’s appear to exhibit unusual flight characteristics. The reason we take issue with this is their explanation that the observations may be the result of sensor errors, spoofing or observer misperception. This statement represents another avenue for the government/military to worm their way out of telling the truth about what is being reported. Simply calling something a sensor error or misperception provides a backdoor for denial.

The report further acknowledges the variety of UAP’s reported. As we show in our videos and have talked about repeatedly, earth may very well be similar to the bar in the movie Star Wars. A collection of travelers from around the universe stopping in for whatever reasons before departing. Each with their own unique variety of craft. Next they talk about the five categories of UFOs; airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, US industry developmental programs (secret military stuff), foreign adversary systems and finally the “catchall” bin. We understand that UFOs may fall under the ‘airborne clutter’ group as they have shown a history of hanging around airports and may certainly be a threat to air traffic to some degree. That being said, ‘natural atmospheric phenomena’ may just be the next ‘swamp gas’ interpretation that provides an easy out for those that don’t have answers. Secret developmental programs are something the government doesn’t talk about anyway, so you can put that in the bin of secrecy. ‘Foiegn adversary’ seems to be their current talking point and they throw it into the public space at every opportunity attempting to divert attention away from possible alien origin. So that leaves us with the ‘catch all’ bin which may be where they put things when they run out of excuses. Finally this page ends with ‘consistent consolidation’ of reports from across multiple agencies for standardization and increased collection and analysis to deepen their understanding and acknowledge that funding will be required. That’s it for page 3

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