UFO Encounter Health Symptoms

by Dark Lord

UFO encounters may leave a myriad of lasting symptoms with their human counterparts. Physically close encounters with UFO craft have caused radiation burns and sickness which can include headaches and nausea, followed by vomiting and of course diarrhea. Occasionally hair loss is reported, inflammation of the eye typically caused by ultraviolet light and rashes or hives, agitation and insomnia. Those that have reported being on board a craft have recorded varying degrees of experiences with physical evidence left on the victims including puncture wounds, ‘scoop’ indentations in the skin, and occasionally transceivers of some sort left below the skin surface. These sub-dermal bits have been tested and examined and found to be not of this earth and their purpose is not understood at this time. Sadly long term medical effects can debilitate and even shorten the life of the encounter victim.

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