UFO Sightings and Ridicule

by Dark Lord

It is believed by many that the United States Government has been the root cause of UFO discussion not progressing. That problem still exists, however back in the day, in their diabolical pursuit of secrecy and control, they convinced most of the public that anyone claiming to have seen a UFO must be a ‘Lunatic’. Military spooks (Men in Black) would oftentimes intimidate witnesses into an unwillingness to discuss what they had seen. That was then and this is now. In the cyber world of today the intimidation is no longer doled out by ‘Men in Black’ but rather cyber Trolls that say nasty things in an attempt to stifle your willingness to speak openly. They never have anything productive to offer, only snide comments and ridicule. So then the question becomes, how to change this situation, and the answer is simple, share your experience in a place where there are no Trolls, UAP.News. That is not to say that everyone sees things the same, but their comments to each other are dignified and respectful. Make the UAP.News Community your base station for not only UFO News and Video, but equally important communication and dialog in a space that encourages conversation rather than discouraging it with ridicule.

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