UFO Video Value

by Dark Lord

So you’ve just had the most life changing and earth shattering moment of your life. You’ve witnessed what you believe to be a genuine UFO, and not only that, you were smart enough to get your phone out and capture it on video. You had this crazy experience, adrenaline is pumping through your veins and your hands are trembling. You think to yourself “Oh my God I have this incredible video I wonder what it’s worth?” That’s a pretty natural reaction, you have something that few other people have, so it must have value right? You silently think to yourself “I mean this is the most amazing video anybody has ever seen. This will change the world, I could be rich and famous.” This may sound a little fantastical but UAP.News receives requests like this regularly. We are not trying to burst your bubble if you are somebody who has ‘that’ video, however, we are trying to tell it to you straight. Your video is of very little commercial value, zip, zero, zilch, nadda, nothing. Everyday people capture objects that are unknown flying in the skies and every day they think it’s “Earth shattering,” sadly it is not. While it may be of great emotional value to you and look really cool, that by no means translates to a financial windfall. So when you believe your video will change the world try calling CBS, NBC, CNN or even Fox News and see what they think about purchasing your video. It is not that your video does not have value, it just does not hold the same value with others as it does to you. Perhaps in the big scheme of things videos and events that involve UFOs may all meant to be shared anyway, not sold. As you may have noticed, this website is about sharing UFO events and activities :-)

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