by Dark Lord

In the Hitachi province of Japan’s East Coast a large walnut shaped craft washed ashore. An attractive 18 to 20-year-old woman emerged from the craft unable to communicate in Japanese. The vessel was decorated with unknown symbols and the woman aboard had red hair and eyebrows and was adorned in unknown fabric less than 5 feet in size.the woman had a special possession, a pale rectangular box that she would allow no one to touch. The gossip in the village was that she was a princess from a foreign realm who married, had an affair, and was forced to leave. What is believed in the UFO field, is that the unusual symbols inside of her vessel are eerily similar to the ones at the Randall from forest incident in England. There are various endings to the story but the one we prefer is where the fishermen place the woman back in her vessel and send her back to sea.

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