Voronezh Russia Alien Encounter

by Dark Lord

News agencies are often reluctant to go out on a limb when it comes to reporting UFOs and/or alien sightings. It can be understandable as credibility is everything when you are in that line of work. So in 1989 the Russian news agency TASS stepped forward on October 9 with reports of a ‘banana-shaped’ object appearing in the skies above Voronezh. For UFO enthusiasts that would be a very good day already, but wait there’s more. Emerging from the craft were two “Aliens” described as 9 to 12 feet tall with very small heads. A shiny hovering ball traveled with the UFO and was stationed near the men and after a short jaunt around the park the men disappeared inside the shiny ball and the UFOs left. Physical evidence was confirmed on the site as were two abnormal deep-red rocks. The rocks were analyzed and determined to be not of this earth. What we find interesting about this particular story is that we never hear anything formally from Russian media or the Russian government, so to have this little gem is just a reminder that UFOs are everywhere.

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