When UFOs and Planes Collide

by Dark Lord

Piloting a small plane alone, may at times be terribly boring, even when you’re relatively new as an aviator. 23-year-old pilot Carlos de los Santos was on his way to the Benito Juarez Airport, on May 3rd, 1975, when his day of flying got a whole lot more interesting. In the distance to the left the young pilot could see an unknown object moving toward him. In moments the ‘unknown’ became ‘known,’ as a saucer-shaped metallic craft, smaller than his plane, moved in and held formation at his left wing. This stunned pilot claimed he could see down onto the top of the craft which had a ‘blackened window.’ the pilot felt the uneasiness of being watched and checked his right wing only to find a second identical craft stationed there. At this point the agitated pilot watched helplessly as a third identical craft stationed itself immediately below the plane. Unfortunately the pilot could not see the third craft and dipped the nose to see where the third UFO had gone, causing a collision. At this point, the now terrified Pilot no longer maintained control of his craft and as he fought to move away from his captors he was unable. His Piper PA-24 aircraft was now under the control of three silvery saucers. The UFOs pulled the craft down to the treetops until the pilot believed a crash was imminent. The pilot radioed to Mexico City “Mayday!” “I have three unidentified visual objects flying around me! I’m apparently flying without control, the plane is without control. I’m not controlling the plane!” Just as the control tower was ordering him to descend, the UFOs released the plane and flew off at tremendous speeds in the direction of the famous Popocatepetl Volcano, known for its steady UFO activity. The shaken pilot recovered the plane, but learned that his landing gear had been damaged, while circling the airport the whip smart pilot was able to repair and land the plane. What drove this event into the annals of Project Blue Book was that three radar operators in the control tower verified the objects in real time. Menacingly this poor innocent pilot was then visited by the Men in Black multiple times. He and his family were threatened repeatedly. However the young pilot defied the Men in Black, and spoke frequently and often of the event.

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