Who is Lue?

by Dark Lord
Who is Lue

If you’ve been following the subject of UFOs for any length of time you have likely come across the name Lue Elizondo. He, along with Christopher Mellon, George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell have been changing the way UFOs are publicly discussed. There are others, but these four men are certainly leading the way to the government disclosure of UFOs and related events. Mr. Elizondo was involved with the AATIP or Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program after graduating from college and working as a Counterintelligence Special Agent for the United States Army. This man is brave, intelligent and in the face of public ridicule is a hero to those involved in the pursuit of UFO disclosure. We believe this gentleman deserves accolades far beyond what we could possibly bestow on him and as a visitor to our website this is a man you should know more about which you can find HERE.

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