Zhang Po China Movie UFOs

by Dark Lord

Zhang Po China 1977 was too small to be considered a city but too large to be considered a village. The people were poor, but hard-working, and their entertainment, when they could get it, was a movie for all to share, outdoors in a field. On this seventh night of July, some 3000 people were attending the film. Blankets and chairs, children and picnic baskets. It was a wholesome town event. That night however, would end in tragedy. The crowd watching the movie went silent as two orange glowing UFOs swept in moving directly toward them. The craft reportedly came so close to landing that moviegoers claimed to feel heat and that the vehicle ‘hummed’. During the commotion the terrified folk panicked, injuring over 200. Sadly, two moviegoers were trampled to death. The craft reportedly stopped and ascended vertically disappearing into the night sky. It was also likely the end of movie night.

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